Full ARRI ALEXA Mini, RED DSMC2 Helium, RED DSMC2 Gemini and RED SCARLET-W Dragon camera packages with cine lenses (including anamorphics), matte boxes, focus units, filters, tripods, sliders etc. available at K+M CAMERA RENTAL. Visit or contact me for bookings, prices and a full list of available equipment.


Sachtler Artemis CineHD Sled and ACT-2 Vest

Tiffen Steadicam G-50x Arm

RTMotion MK3.1 two-channel wireless follow focus and zoom/iris control

Actionproducts Eclipse wireless HD video transmitter (1x transmitter and 2x receiver)

Walter Klassen hard mount

Sunbounce windkiller

All necessary cables and batteries


DJI Ronin three-axis brushless gimbal with 4 batteries, remote and various mounts (e.g. Steadicam sled or arm, crane/jib etc.)

Easyrig Cinema 3 500N with extended arm and Flowcine Serene iso-elastic spring arm

Flowcine Puppeteer single-axis and dual axis gimbal stabilization and tilt bracket.